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Simplifying sustainability for your business and showcasing it to the world

Seamless sustainability integration

Teco enables your business to participate in crucial environmental actions effortlessly. Whether it’s supporting reforestation or contributing to cleaner oceans, we make it straightforward for you to make a real difference, with every initiative clearly accounted for and reported.

Building trust through transparency

With Teco, your commitment to the planet is more than just a statement; it’s a trust-building journey you share with your audience. Our platform helps you transparently communicate your sustainability efforts, deepening customer loyalty and affirming your business as a trusted eco-friendly presence.

Green marketing made easy

Teco’s marketing tools are crafted to enhance the visibility of your green initiatives. From digital badges to bespoke content, we provide you with the resources to highlight your eco-commitments, engage with more customers, and see a measurable uptick in conversions and business growth.

Sustainability accessible to every business

Teco democratizes sustainability for small businesses, making it effortless to support and showcase eco-friendly initiatives like tree planting and ocean cleanups. The benefit to your business goes beyond just doing good; it’s about visibly sharing your commitment, which resonates with customers. This visibility can lead to increased sales, a stronger brand reputation, and lasting customer loyalty, as more consumers seek out brands with a purpose beyond profit.

The numbers don’t lie: why your business needs Teco

81% of shoppers want businesses to be environmentally conscious in their advertising and messaging.

~ PwC

92% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that demonstrate social responsibility or environmental consciousness.

~ Forbes

73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

~ NielsenIQ

Transforming businesses, preserving the planet

At Teco, we’re driven by a passion to unlock the power of green marketing for small businesses. Our team is dedicated to making sustainable practices accessible and impactful. By collaborating with our customers, we aim to make a real difference in both the business world and the environment. We believe in creating a community where every small step towards sustainability counts towards a larger, collective leap for our planet.

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