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About Jann Bungcaras Fashion House

  Verified eco-conscious business
Jann Bungcaras is a pioneering sustainable fashion brand, championing genderless and seasonless designs. It stands out for its commitment to eco-sustainability and circular fashion principles, creating slow-fashion and bespoke pieces from personally rescued textile waste. The brand intertwines narratives from fiction and history, embedding environmental, societal, and political advocacies into its creations, aiming to inspire and impact its wearers deeply. Located in Talisay, Cebu, Philippines, Jann Bungcaras emphasizes handmade craftsmanship, offering a thoughtful alternative in the fashion industry.

Jann Bungcaras Fashion House‘s impact

1 month

of being a sustainability partner


trees have been planted by Jann Bungcaras Fashion House


KGs of plastic have been removed from oceans by Jann Bungcaras Fashion House

Projects supported by Jann Bungcaras Fashion House

Tree planting in Brazil with Eden Reforestation Projects to support ecosystems and communities

Jann Bungcaras Fashion House has contributed to reforestation efforts in Brazil, through projects carried out by Eden Reforestation Projects. This collaboration focuses on planting native species in critical regions like Goiás, Maranhão, and Piauí, crucial for the Amazon and Cerrado’s ecological health. Eden Projects’ approach integrates local community engagement, providing employment and training opportunities, especially for indigenous and Quilombola communities. This initiative not only aids in environmental restoration but also supports local socioeconomic development, showcasing Jann Bungcaras Fashion House‘s commitment to sustainability and community empowerment.

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