Green Your Store, Grow Your Business

Teco provides your store with a way to contribute to the environment and boost sales. Create a free account and get  20 free trees planted for immediate impact.

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Sustainability, Simplified with Teco

Your customers are making a clear choice: they prefer to shop from online stores that practice sustainability. Teco is your bridge to meeting this new consumer standard without complicating your business operations.

We’ve streamlined the process of not only contributing to environmental sustainability but also leveraging it for tangible business benefits, such as higher conversion rates and increased consumer trust and loyalty. When you sign up for free with Teco, you’re instantly part of a larger movement. No costs, no commitments, just a bold step in the right direction.

As a welcome to the green side, we’ll plant 20 trees in your store’s name. This is our way of saying thank you for taking a step towards a better future.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Why Your Business Needs Teco

81% of shoppers want businesses to be environmentally conscious in their advertising and messaging.

~ PwC

92% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that demonstrate social responsibility or environmental consciousness.

~ Forbes

73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

~ NielsenIQ

Joining is as Easy as One, Two, Tree…

Signing up is simple and free. Get started in seconds.

Free Sign-Up

No credit card, no fees. Complete a simple form and you’re in.

Welcome Gift

To celebrate your initiative, we’ll plant 20 trees in your store’s name.

Continue the Journey

Opt for a plan that enhances your environmental and business impact.

Teco: Effortless Environmental Impact for Businesses

At Teco, we specialize in simplifying sustainability for online stores. We understand that navigating the path to becoming eco-friendly can be complex, which is why we’ve designed a straightforward, accessible service. By signing up with Teco, businesses can effortlessly invest in impactful environmental projects like tree planting and plastic clean-up. But it’s more than just contributing to green causes; we enable stores to showcase their eco-commitments effectively.

Through our platform, businesses gain access to valuable marketing tools and resources, making it easy to highlight their sustainability efforts to customers. This approach not only fosters a greener planet but also enhances brand appeal, sales, and customer engagement, tapping into the growing demand for environmentally responsible businesses.

Sustainability Meets Profitability

Joining Teco means immediate environmental action and significant business advantages.

Higher Conversion Rates

Customers are more inclined to purchase when they know it supports a good cause.

Increased Trust & Credibility

Demonstrating real, tangible eco-actions builds consumer trust in your brand.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Shoppers are loyal to brands that not only provide quality products but also embody their values.

Grow green with Teco

We believe every online store should have the chance to contribute to sustainability and unlock the power of green marketing without barriers. That’s why signing up with Teco is free, and as a welcome gift, we put 20 trees into the ground on your behalf. It’s our way of investing in your green potential and helping you leverage the benefits of eco-conscious branding for your business.

Join the Green Revolution for Free

Claim your   20 free trees today. Sign up now, make an immediate environmental impact, and let your customers know you’re a business that cares.

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