How businesses make an impact with Teco

Turn sustainability into your competitive advantage

In today’s fast-evolving marketplace, the call for sustainability is louder and more urgent than ever. Businesses are not just expected to participate in eco-friendly practices; they are anticipated to lead the way. Consumers are voting with their wallets, favoring companies that demonstrate real, impactful environmental responsibility.

In today’s competitive market, Teco allows your business to participate in eco-friendly initiatives, such as tree planting and ocean cleanups, and provides robust green marketing tools. Our straightforward monthly subscription supports these tangible green projects and equips you to broadcast your environmental actions effectively.

Sustainability meets profitability

With Teco, you can enhance your brand’s appeal, drive sales, and build loyalty by transparently showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Embrace an eco-conscious strategy that offers real business advantages and share your green story to attract and retain a growing base of environmentally aware customers. With Teco, benefit your business and the planet simultaneously.

81% of shoppers want businesses to be environmentally conscious in their advertising and messaging.

~ PwC

92% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that demonstrate social responsibility or environmental consciousness.

~ Forbes

73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

~ NielsenIQ


Sustainability as a sales driver for LiFi, a leader in LiFi technology, partnered with Teco to integrate sustainability into their business, leading to remarkable results. By displaying Teco’s website badges and marketing materials on their sales pages, experienced a significant 15% increase in conversions, resonating with the growing consumer demand for eco-conscious brands. Their involvement in environmental projects through Teco, showcased on their website, in newsletters, and across social media channels, received an overwhelmingly positive response, further enhancing customer loyalty and brand value. This partnership not only boosted’s environmental contributions but also solidified their standing as a responsible and innovative brand in the digital communication sector.

Realize your green potential today

Businesses are judged by their actions, and today’s consumers favor businesses that are actively working towards sustainability. Teco is your hands-on partner in this mission, transforming your environmental goals into real-world results.

When you join us, you’re making a public pledge to the planet that resonates with your audience. With Teco, you’re not just talking about sustainability; you’re implementing it as a key element of your business.

Teco is your direct route to sustainability

Teco directly connects your business to effective sustainability. We team up with leading environmental organizations to help your company actively engage in tangible green initiatives like tree planting and ocean plastic removal. This isn’t just good for the planet; it directly enhances your brand’s reputation.

Our subscription plans are straightforward: choose a level of engagement, and we’ll translate that into real-world environmental action. With Teco, you’re not just claiming to be eco-friendly – you’re actively contributing to a healthier planet and demonstrating this commitment to your audience.

Grow green with Teco

At Teco, we understand that sustainability is more than just an environmental commitment; it’s a powerful business strategy. That’s why we go beyond helping you do good; we help you look good. With a range of marketing materials and resources, your environmental efforts become a key part of your brand narrative.

Unlock the power of green marketing

Our service includes providing you with comprehensive marketing tools, designed to put your green initiatives in the spotlight. This means your commitment to the planet isn’t just something you do—it’s a story you share, resonating with your customers and enhancing your brand’s appeal.

Communicating your sustainability efforts effectively is crucial in today’s market, and Teco is here to help you do just that. Our tools are designed to showcase your green journey, fostering customer loyalty and attracting new customers. With Teco, you set your business apart in a competitive market and align your brand with the growing demand for environmental responsibility.

Embark on your green journey with Teco today and transform sustainability from a buzzword into a core component of your business success.

Invest in the planet and your brand

Partnering with Teco not only boosts your conversion rates but also elevates your brand’s reputation and trust among consumers. This commitment to sustainability aids in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Additionally, it enhances your brand’s credibility, leading to improved market presence and potential media attention, thereby amplifying your reach and impact in the competitive business landscape.

Your impact starts here

Take immediate action with Teco and see real, measurable results in your business. Our service is about tangible impact – from reducing environmental harm to enhancing your brand’s loyalty and reputation. This is a direct, effective way to show your customers and competitors that your commitment to the planet is serious.

With Teco, you’re not just adopting eco-friendly practices; you’re leading the way in your industry. Act now and let Teco elevate your business to a new level of green success.

Make sustainability work for your business

Start making a real impact today. Simplify your path to sustainability and watch your business grow. Start for free.