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Choose the perfect plan for your business’s sustainability journey

Teco is the ideal investment for your business and our earth. Flexible month-to-month subscriptions,
with the freedom to cancel at any time. Enjoy peace of mind with our risk-free ROI guarantee.

Choose the perfect plan for your business’s sustainability journey

Teco is the ideal investment for your business and our earth. Flexible month-to-month subscriptions, with the freedom to cancel at any time. Enjoy peace of mind with our risk-free ROI guarantee.

Custom plans available


Can’t find the perfect fit? Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, we’re here to craft a custom plan that aligns precisely with your business’s environmental and marketing goals. Contact us to tailor your ideal package with the features you need for success.

Frequently asked questions

What does "planting trees for your company" involve?
Our tree-planting initiative means we will plant a specified number of trees each month to offset carbon emissions, directly in the name of your company. We partner with reforestation organizations to ensure these trees contribute to global reforestation efforts.
How is ocean plastic removal carried out?
Teco collaborates with certified environmental agencies and non-profit organizations that specialize in ocean clean-up operations. The weight specified in your plan is the amount of plastic that will be collected and recycled or disposed of responsibly on your company’s behalf.
How are the environmental projects by Teco executed?

At Teco, we prioritize effectiveness and transparency in our environmental initiatives. We collaborate with a range of carefully selected, highly vetted non-profit organizations known for their efficiency and impact. Our technology and systems enable real-time matching with the most effective organizations, considering factors like cost-efficiency, effectiveness, and industry certifications. As a customer, you’re kept in the loop about which organizations are executing the projects, ensuring you’re fully aware of where and how your contributions are making a difference.

What is included in the dedicated company profile?
Your dedicated company profile is a custom page that highlights your partnership with Teco and the environmental contributions you’ve made through our platform. It’s an effective tool to showcase to your audience the positive impact your business is creating, complete with details about your company, such as your website link, and the specific eco-initiatives you’re involved in.
Is your service just greenwashing?
Absolutely not. Greenwashing is when a company claims to be environmentally friendly for marketing purposes but doesn’t back it up with real action. At Teco, every contribution is tangible and verifiable. We collaborate with trusted partners to ensure that the environmental projects are genuinely carried out. Moreover, we provide detailed reports and updates, so you can see the difference your company is making. Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes integrate genuine sustainability into their operations and communicate their eco-efforts transparently to consumers who value environmental responsibility.
How does the ROI guarantee work?

Our money-back guarantee offers full confidence in your investment with Teco. If, within the first month, you find that our service isn’t delivering the value or impact you anticipated, reach out to us. We’ll process a full refund for you, no questions asked. Please note that this guarantee is applicable for the first month of your paid plan only.

Is there a long-term commitment when I sign up for a plan?
Our plans are flexible with no long-term commitment required. You can cancel your subscription at any time according to the terms of service.
What kind of support for sustainable projects does the Harvest plan include?
The Harvest plan is our most comprehensive offering, providing direct funding to a different green project each month. These projects span critical areas like habitat preservation, environmental education, water conservation, wildlife conservation, innovative carbon capture, and local community clean-ups. We select these initiatives through our network of esteemed partner organizations, renowned for their effective work in environmental stewardship. As a Harvest subscriber, not only will you contribute to these impactful projects, but you will also receive custom content and updates that you can share with your audience, showcasing your company’s active role in global sustainability efforts.
How can businesses benefit from Teco's marketing materials?

As a Teco customer, you gain access to a range of marketing materials through an easy-to-use dashboard. These materials include project updates, project photos, engaging copy, informative videos, custom stories, newsletter content, digital badges, certifications, and a variety of templates. They’re designed to help you effectively communicate your eco-efforts, whether on your website, in newsletters, on social media, or through blog posts. The benefits of using these materials are manifold: they enhance your green branding, lead to increased sales and engagement, and help in building trust and loyalty with your audience. The variety and depth of materials depend on your subscription plan: Basic plans offer essential tools for getting started, Advanced plans provide a wider range of customizable options, and Premier plans include exclusive, tailor-made content for a comprehensive green marketing strategy. With Teco, you’re not just adopting green practices; you’re effectively communicating them.

What advantages does a directory listing on Teco offer to businesses?
Our directory is a curated showcase of companies committed to sustainable practices. Being listed in this directory means gaining visibility among a community that values environmental responsibility. It’s a platform where you can highlight your company and its eco-efforts, reaching out to new audiences who are actively seeking eco-conscious businesses. For companies, this translates to enhanced credibility in the green market, potential for new customer acquisitions, and an opportunity to be part of a larger movement towards sustainability. Users can search the directory to discover companies by industry or location, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to stand out in their commitment to sustainability.
What benefits does partner network exposure bring to my business?

Partner network exposure through Teco amplifies your company’s reach and impact. By featuring your business across our extensive network of eco-conscious partners, you gain visibility through social media shoutouts, website features, newsletter highlights, and other promotional avenues. This increased exposure can lead to heightened brand recognition, attract new audience segments, and potentially boost traffic and sales. Additionally, through our PR efforts, your company’s commitment to sustainability is spotlighted, providing an authentic narrative that resonates with eco-aware consumers and reinforces your market position as a green leader.

What makes the monthly updates from Teco valuable?
Our monthly updates are more than just reports; they’re a tool for engagement and transparency. Each month, you’ll receive detailed insights into the environmental projects you’re supporting, like tree planting and plastic removal. These updates not only keep you informed about the real-world impact of your contributions but also provide valuable content that you can share with your audience. This ongoing communication helps strengthen your brand’s commitment to sustainability, fostering customer trust and loyalty.

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