Newsletter copy: partnership announcement

To effectively communicate your new partnership with Teco to your audience, consider incorporating the following newsletter copy options. These are designed to announce and explain your collaboration, emphasizing your shared commitment to sustainability.


Newsletter Copy Options

Use these newsletter copy options to share the exciting news of your partnership with Teco with your clients and network. Each option is crafted to highlight the importance of sustainability in your operations and how teaming up with Teco amplifies your efforts. Feel free to adjust the tone and details to match your brand’s voice and the specific nature of your partnership.


Option 1: Announcement of Partnership
“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Teco, a leader in driving business sustainability. This collaboration marks a significant step in our journey towards reducing our environmental footprint and promoting green practices. Together, we are committed to making a tangible impact.”

Option 2: Explaining the Impact
“Our new partnership with Teco enables us to enhance our sustainability efforts through innovative initiatives. From tree planting to ocean cleanups, we’re excited to share how this collaboration will contribute to a healthier planet and a brighter future for all.”

Option 3: Invitation to Join the Effort
“As we join forces with Teco to advance our sustainability goals, we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Learn more about our initiatives and how we’re working together to foster a sustainable future.”

These templates aim to simplify the process of sharing your commitment to sustainability and the steps you’re taking with Teco to achieve it.

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