Social media posts: partnership announcement

We’ve crafted a selection of social media posts to help you announce our partnership. Choose one that aligns with your brand, feel free to personalize it, and importantly, include a link to your profile page on our platform. These posts are designed to engage your audience with our shared commitment to sustainability. You can add photos from our projects to your social media posts.


Option 1: Celebratory Announcement

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Teco! 🌍 Together, we’re committing to sustainability and taking real action towards a greener planet. Join us as we embark on this journey to make a difference. #SustainabilityWithTeco #GreenFuture”


Option 2: Impact-Focused Message

“Exciting news! We’ve teamed up with Teco to amplify our environmental impact. 🌱 From tree planting to ocean cleanups, we’re taking steps to ensure a healthier planet for future generations. Stay tuned for our green initiatives! #TeamUpForGreen #EcoAction”


Option 3: Customer Engagement Post

“Big news! We’re now partners with Teco, leading the way in sustainability. 🌊 We want you to be part of our journey to a cleaner, greener world. What eco-friendly actions do you want to see from us? #YourVoiceOurAction #SustainableTogether”


Option 4: Vision and Values Share

“We’re proud to announce our partnership with Teco! This collaboration aligns with our core values of sustainability and responsibility towards our planet. 🌿 Together, we’re making sustainability more than a buzzword; we’re putting it into action. #GreenVision #ActNowForFuture”


Option 5: Behind-the-Scenes Look

“Partnership alert! 🌟 We’re joining forces with Teco to bring our sustainability goals to life. Follow us for behind-the-scenes looks at how we’re working together to support eco-friendly initiatives and make a tangible impact. #BehindTheGreen #EcoPartners”

Do you have any questions? We’re hapy to help!

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