Teco company information

At Teco, we’re dedicated to making sustainability both attainable and beneficial for all businesses. By simplifying the adoption of green practices, providing tools to showcase these efforts, and leveraging our eco-marketing expertise, we help businesses meet the growing consumer demand for environmental responsibility. Our team, passionate about both the environment and marketing, works tirelessly to support eco-friendly business operations.

Teco, established in 2023 by Digital Ventures Group OÜ in Tallinn, Estonia, has grown to support a significant number of businesses in their sustainability efforts. With offerings that range from free company pages to comprehensive premium solutions, Teco enables businesses to effectively communicate their commitment to environmental sustainability. This approach helps partners engage with a community passionate about green practices and make a meaningful environmental impact.


Example Paragraph for Businesses to Share

“We’re excited to partner with Teco, a platform committed to bringing sustainability to the forefront of business. Through our partnership, we’re not just adopting eco-friendly practices; we’re part of a larger movement towards a greener future. Teco’s support enables us to showcase our commitment to the planet, connect with like-minded customers, and make a real impact. Discover more about our journey towards sustainability with Teco.”

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